Career Accelerator Website


March–June 2022


Web Design



Blue Noda


Our client, a career accelerator, sought a website that could highlight the success rate of its services, and encourage users to download free resources.

The Existing Site

Our team was brought in to develop a more interactive site that  helps position the company as a thought leader, and encourages users to download free resources. 

The Sitemap

We expanded the sitemap by bringing in a dedicated page for Success Stories (testimonials and statistics) and creating an interactive Resource Library from the existing resource list.

Wireframe Evolution: Homepage

Our initial homepage wireframe functioned as a broad overview of the company’s accolades and service offerings. We evolved the wireframe to hone in on more specific content in several areas.

We spotlighted one testimonial, and made recent podcast episodes accessible directly from the homepage. We also created a section that promotes free resources, and links users to the Resource Library.

Wireframe Evolution: Resource Library

The first wireframe divides resources using two sections with separate filter bars, and a third section dedicated to a list of gated resources.

I evolved the Resource Library using categories and anchor links. This creates a more distinct visual separation of the resources, and of the ways to filter. Having the option to scroll through sections with clear titles affords users more search flexibility. We implemented a ‘back to top’ button for easy access to the category filters.

Wireframe Evolution: Success Stories

We evolved the Success Stories wireframe by spotlighting one testimonial instead of two. We added a title to make the review feel more personal, and highlighted key statistics that showcase the career accelerator’s success. 

We also expanded the draggable carousel of testimonials into two rows, emphasizing the volume of reviews, and creating an opportunity for interactivity. 

To coincide with our approach to content on the homepage, we reduced the services section to three areas of expertise, lightening the cognitive load.

Final Designs

To strike a balance between friendly and intelligent, we brought in realistic imagery, and incorporated a pattern and arrows from the client’s recent brand redesign. We were also asked to retain the same the typefaces and color palette from the initial site.

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