Career Accelerator Website


March–June 2022


Web Design


Blue Noda


Our client, a career accelerator, sought a friendly, yet  intelligent and credible website that would promote its job coaching services and gated free resources.

The initial site lacked consistency across color, imagery, and typographic hierarchy.

I created an initial set of wireframes that map content placement for cohesive storytelling, and to illustrate the company’s credibility and track record. I also began developing an organizational system for the client’s diverse sets of resources.

In the second set of wireframes, we moved to create a more interactive experience that encourages users to flow across the site. 

  • The homepage promotes services, prompts users to learn more about the company, listen to the podcast, and download free gated resources.

  • The about page utilizes storytelling to articulate success stories and further promote services.

  • I evolved the resource library using categories and anchor links to afford users more flexibility when sorting through resources and navigating across the page.

The redesign resulted in a cohesive design system that has increased conversion rates for newsletter signups, service inquiries, and sales.

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