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October 2020–

March 2021





Marta Dezio
Andrea Salemi
Mike Wojcik


Easy Group Airfare is a travel startup that specializes in crafting and booking flight itineraries for groups of ten travelers or more. 


My team and I were given the task of designing a branded website that reduces customer questions, and enables rapid, organized communication, and timely payment.


The Problem Space

Interview and Persona Highlights

Customers don't know what group airfare is or how is works. We need them to feel comfortable giving us their information, so they don't hesitate to fill out our form, or follow up with questions about our legitimacy as a company.

EGA Travel Expert

I don't have a lot of time. I need it to be immediately clear how the service works, and which parts of the booking and travel process you'll support me with.

Corporate Traveler

In order for us to grow, we really need a system, maybe a dashboard, that helps us manage all of the incoming requests and lets customers know the status of their trip.​

EGA Founder

I want to know that I can always reach the company. A lot of parents have questions about how payment works, and how they are protected if their child can no longer travel.

Student Traveler

I developed a set of guiding design principles informed by persona development, and team and user interviews.

Clarity builds trust.

Saving time reduces stress.

Organization enables timeliness.

Design Concept

I worked with my team to explore three distinct design concepts. To honor the customers’ desire for simplicity and quick transactions while supporting the founder’s request for a unified system to manage leads, we recommended the Keap CRM and strategic software integrations.

Information Architecture

I collaborated with Andrea Salemi to develop a more robust sitemap that supports new site content informed by Google Search Trends and interview findings.

User Flows

The initial site had short user flows and lacked opportunities for conversion. We created journeys that encourage visitors to Receive a Free Quote after an instance of learning about the booking process and benefits of the service.


I began with low-fidelity wireframes on paper, and continued developing medium-fidelities to prototype and test.

Multi-Step Form Design

Informed by testing and user feedback, I designed a multi-step form to make conversions feel organized and less overwhelming. We also implemented a thank you page to clearly mark when a request has been submitted and outline the next steps.

UI and Illustration

I collaborated with illustrator Marta Dezio to develop an calm, inviting system that prioritizes explanation over decoration.



We used color and imagery to emphasize calls to action and key benefits of the service.

404 Animation

I worked with Marta Dezio to expand one site illustration to work as an animation. The .json animation is triggered on scroll. Our intention was to delight users on a page that would otherwise cause frustration.

Responsive Design


Our returning customers really enjoy booking through the new site, and are so impressed by our [automated] fast response time and ability to text. It's a total upgrade for us and for them.

EGA Founder
21 %
Increased Conversion Rate
34 %
Decrease in Bounce Rate

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