Easy Group Airfare Website


October 2020–

March 2021



Web Design

Art Direction



CRM Strategy 


Andrea Salemi

Marta Dezio


Easy Group Airfare is a travel startup that prioritizes safety, flexibility, and transparency throughout the booking process. 


My team and I were given the task of designing a website that speaks to Google Search trends around group travel, reduces questions for EGA Travel Experts, and increases conversion rate.


The initial site had a small sitemap, and short user flows that lacked opportunities for conversion.

I collaborated with content strategist Andrea Salemi to create segmented user journeys that minimize user questions for EGA Travel Experts.

We developed a new homepage built for brand storytelling and conversion rate optimization.

I designed an interactive travel insurance tool that encourages users to purchase a policy, and routes them to the CDC.

We implemented a multi-step form to make conversions feel more approachable.

Responsive design

I collaborated with Marta Dezio to develop a cohesive system of illustrations that describe the ease and efficiency of booking with EGA.

We designed an interactive 404 animation to enhance user experience.

I developed a CRM strategy to simplify workflow for EGA Travel Experts through email automation and software integrations.

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